Drew Barrymore Opens up About her Relationship with Justin Long and their New Film



Drew Barrymore graces the cover of Time Out New York and opened up about her on-and-off relationship with Justin Long. She also gushes about her new film ‘Whip It’ and her love for roller derby.

On the magazine, Barrymore goes around town with a camera on hand. She said, “I am really respectful about taking people’s photos. Yeah, it’s ironic. I do wish that was the way people treated me when it comes to photography. It’s more like, “Can you bend over? We’re about to anally probe you. [Laughs]”

Barrymore’s directorial chops will be first seen on the film “Whip It,” which is scheduled to open on October 2. The film revolves around roller derby. Drew says of her love of the sport, “Yeah—what I love about the sport is that it’s real and high stakes… And I love when [women] get to be women and not feel like they have to become a man in order to play in a man’s world.”

Drew and Justin Long are currently filming “Going the Distance,” which is scheduled for a 2010 release. When asked if the two have rekindled their romance, Barrymore replied, “We’re friends, and we love each other, and that’s all we know. [Laughs] And it’s great because we can bring so much personal emotion to it, and yet we don’t want to be defined by anyone, because we don’t define ourselves. We can bring a lot of honesty to this thing.”


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