Robert Pattinson Products: From Wall art to Dildos…Everything’s Sold Out



How famous is Robert Pattinson exactly?

In the last several weeks, products related to Robert Pattinson or his Twilight character Edward Cullen has been sold throughout the net. Aside from the 60-dollar life-sized vinyl wall décor that feature RPattz’s silhouette, there’s the infamous “sparkling dildo” that has also been up for sale. Now, another Rob Pattinson product has come our way – a hand-painted curtain with Rob’s face, so that he’ll get to see you doing your business in the bathroom.

The hand-painted curtain features Rob’s recognizable tousled hair and rugged jaw line. The headshot, which measures about 3 feet, was created in black and white. Each curtain comes fitted with hook holes, so you can hung it up in the bath or walls.

The listing states: “Hand-painted with a brush just like a piece of art. Hang it in your shower, on your wall, in a window, behind your bed as a headboard, or frame it and display it just like any art portrait in your home.”

Since these curtains were put up on sale in June at, the Toronto manufacturer has sold out each piece.

The 23-year-old Robert Pattinson has become one of the most desired actors in Hollywood since he starred in the hit film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s teen fantasy novel. He reportedly earns £10 million per film.



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