Kristen Stewart Gets Emotional for ‘New Moon’ Scenes



Kristen Stewart admits that she doesn’t take break-ups lightly, even when it comes to vampire flicks like ‘New Moon.’

The 19-year-old Stewart told MTV, “Everything in our movie, it’s such a heightened version of reality. People don’t just break up [in the films] – they break up and it literally kills you. It’s not like you just say, ‘Oh, I’m really depressed and crying.’ I always had a really hard time figuring out, ‘Am I doing enough? Do I look like I’m going to die?’”

In the second Twilight film “New Moon,” Stewart’s character Bella finds herself in a love triangle between Jacob and Edward. After Edward Cullen leaves her so she could be safe from their blood-sucking ways, Jacob tries to get Bella out of depression.

Kristen admitted that she struggled in a particular scene on ‘New Moon,’ saying “My favorite line in the book is when I have to say to [Jacob], ‘It’s him; it’s always been him!’” Stewart added that the scene wasn’t easy at all, “Yeah, it killed me. It killed me.”



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