Ashlee Simpson to Perez Hilton: “Get Your Own Life!”



Ashlee Simpson-Wentz fights back against gossip blogger Perez Hilton after he reported that Ashlee got into a drunken fight with husband Pete Wentz over the weekend while in Chicago.

Pete and Jessica were in Chicago to celebrate the first year anniversary of Pete’s bar “Angels & Kings.” According to Hilton’s report, Jessica got obliterated and confronted Pete in the DJ booth, telling him to leave. Perez said the fight continued out to the street, where a fan was able to take photos of Ashlee stumbling out of the bar. Hilton also said that Jessica had to run after the fan to demand all pictures of her be erased.

Ashlee, on the other hand, says Perez isn’t telling the truth. Early Monday morning, she took to her Twitter page to deny the incident, saying, “My husband is an amazing dj and was dedicating songs to me. We were just having fun. Our love is amazing. Get ur own life. When all you do is make up untrue stories—look in the mirror. Do you even feel human?? Karma is a b****. Your story is WAY off.”


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