Kristen and Robert Still in LA “Hanging Out,” Eclipse Cast Now in Vancouver



Vancouver Twi-hards are on the lookout for most of the Twilight Saga stars, including Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser and Kellan Lutz, who are already in town to prep for the third Twilight film “Eclipse.” But Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are spotted taking a break from their busy film schedules, hanging out together in Los Angeles.

Since Monday, Lautner, Lutz, Reed and Greene have been in Canada and strolling downtown with fans getting pictures of the Twilight stars. Of course, the relentless paparazzi are also in Vancouver to get as much Twilight sightings they could get.

14-year-old actor Jodelle Ferland, who worked with Stewart on the 2007 film “The Messenger” and starred on the thriller “Silent Hill” has announced on her Twitter page Wednesday that she has accepted the role of new-vampire-out-for-revenge Bree on Eclipse.

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson was photographed in a green Porsche, driving off in Los Angeles. The Twilight lead allegedly came from Kristen Stewart’s home, but no evidence (except RPattz driving inside the car) has been published to determine if he indeed came from his co-star’s home. However, a report from co-founder Moon detailed her encounter with Kristen and Rob appearing at their friend Bobby Long’s show at the Hotel Café in LA. The two actors shared a cab ride to Chateau Marmont with Marcus Foster, who reports to have left Rob and Kristen in the suite around 1am Friday.

Rehearsals for Eclipse begin next week and filming is scheduled on August 17. For New Moon, locations like Tofino, Surrey and Port Coquitlam on Vancouver Island were used and will again be used for Eclipse.



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