Court Appoints Guardian to Oversee TV-show Money of Octomom’s Kids



Nadya Suleman’s dreams are coming true. She has finally signed a deal for her own TV show with her 14 kids, but a judge made sure today that the money the kids would be making on the show will be put to good use.

Legal crusader Gloria Allred and child-star watchdog organization ‘A Minor Consideration’ requested that a guardian oversees the finances of the kids, who will be collectively earning $250,000 for three years they appear on the said reality show.

The suit from Allred and ‘A Minor Consideration’ president Paul Peterson was filed in May to ensure the kids are properly compensated for ALL media-related endeavors that the Octomom may agree to. Also in May, Allred said in a press release, “Since she has chosen this path, we believe that the babies are entitled to remuneration, since much, if not most, of the compensation appears to be for the use of their images, in print, on television and on the Internet.”

Suleman’s lawyer has also filed papers to dismiss Petersen and Allred’s complaint, claiming that Allred and Petersen is only using her for self-promotion.

When asked how she felt about the hearing, Nadya Suleman said “I’m indifferent, totally indifferent.”

Filming of the as-yet-untitled series is expected to begin on Sept. 1.


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