The Lohans Criticize Michael Lohan’s Interest in Jon Gosselin: “It’s all about money.”



With Michael Lohan getting all the publicity as he “took in” tabloid favorite Jon Gosselin into his wing and Hamptons home, the Lohan family isn’t pleased at all of how Michael is acting. Apparently, sources close to the Lohan family is saying that Michael should first focus on his own family before wearing the hat of a “life counselor” to Gosselin.

The source also added that instead of fixing Jon Gosselin’s problems, Michael should pay attention to his own responsibilities, including a $12,000 due for child support for the 13-year-old Dakota and 15-year-old Ali Lohan. The Lohan source says, “It’s embarrassing, he’s embarrassing. He’s trying to get deals for Jon. Maybe Jon can tell Michael to pay [ex-wife] Dina child support. He’s now six months behind.”

Michael Lohan denies the alleged debt saying, “That’s a total lie. I pay Dina and the kids cash all the time.”

Aside from the money issues, the Lohan source also said that Michael’s intentions in helping Gosseling are self-serving. The insider claimed, “He’s trying to manage Jon Gosselin, and make money from him. It’s gross. It’s all about money.” Laughing, the insider added, “Michael’s giving advice about marriage, and about parenting? It’s absurd.”

Why are these people even popular? They’ve got more drama going on than ‘Days of Our Lives.’ Check out pictures of the odd duo out last weekend…


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