Comic-Con: a bit of Alice in Wonderland, Tron, Avatar, The Green Hornet and Everything in Between



Aside from the Twilight mania at Comic-Con, there are several highlights to the event. If you weren’t able to check out the conference, here are some of the highlights, including the Alice in Wonderland, Tron, The Green Hornet and some surprises here and there..

Alice in Wonderland & Tim Burton’s Surprise

Tim Burton reveals his new masterpiece – an adaptation of the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ made completely from Burton’s mind. The director came to Comic Con Thursday and said this film is the most challenging he’s done. He admitted that the movie has a “lot of green screen,” but quickly said “It starts to freak you out after a while.” The ‘Alice’ booth was complete with props, sketches, costumes and even set models from the movie, which will be at the San Diego Convention Center through Sunday.

Burton also brought Johnny Depp (who plays the Mad Hatter) to the panel. Of course, the crowd erupted in cheers. After waving to the crowd Depp and Burton left the stage.


After 27 years, “Tron” is now in 3D and Jeff Bridges showed an early footage from the “TRON:Legacy,” which is due in 2010. According to Bridges, when the movie was released in 1982, PCs and the internet didn’t exist yet, so the tale looked very futuristic for its time. The actor guarantees that with the new Tron, he  “can guarantee you’re going to get the same kind of pop with this one. Everything’s going to be super-ized.”

Seth Rogen Shows Off the Green Hornet’s Ride

Seth Rogen was on the conference to show off The Green Hornet’s rolling arsenal. The ride is an authentic 1966 Chrysler Crown Imperial with fake rocket launchers, machine guns and flame throwers. Rogen, who co-wrote the film and plays Britt Reid, said, “The car was one of those things we felt we didn’t need to update. It’s a classic. I just may have to steal it.”

The Avatar

Another highly anticipated film is James Cameron’s 14-years-in-the-making vision called “The Avatar.” At the conference, Cameron gives a 25-minute preview of the movie and talked about how he envisioned the planet, what technologies he used and the history behind his idea.

Cameron will get to test-run the film on an even bigger crowd on Aug. 21, which he’s declared “Avatar Day.” The filmmaker announced he’ll be taking over IMAX and 3-D theaters around the world to screen 15 minutes of the film for moviegoers for free.

The conference runs July 23 to 26. For pictures of the events so far, check them out below…


  1. I never thought Burton could make another film as hopelessly bland as Planet of the Apes but here it is. Save your money and either watch one of his early classics or simply watch the 1951 Disney classic again: It’s shorter, it’s funnier, and it’s infinitely trippier.


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