Kevin Federline to Star his Own Reality Series



Kevin Federline, the ex-husband of pop star Britney Spears, is reportedly in talks for his own reality series. Unlike “Chaotic,” Britney won’t be in the picture, but her two sons and Kevin’s new girlfriend will.

E!News reports that the new show would revolve around Federline, his girlfriend Victoria Prince and possibly Britney’s kids with Federline Sean Preston and Jayden James.One source tells E!News, “Victoria is a big part of the series. They are not engaged, but she lives with him full-time in his place in Encino.”

Apparently, Britney has matured up and is fine with Victoria being around her kids. The source added that “Victoria and Britney first met before Britney’s tour at Kevin’s home. They had a meeting face-to-face, when Victoria was home alone with the kids. It was awkward, but Britney was nice.”

Victoria Prince used to work for Fox Sports and quit her job after meeting Kevin. She is now taking graduate classes online and is considering going back to playing professional volleyball.

In 2005, Kevin starred the reality show “Britney and Kevin:Chaotic,” but was short-lived. Kevin’s new show may possible be shown on VH1, but is still unsure.

At least if Kevin’s plans do come true, he would be earning for himself and not just relying on spousal support from Britney.


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