Katherine Jackson to Dispute Michael’s Will?



When reports of Michael Jackson’s will surfaced and it stated that his mom Katherine Jackson would get 40 percent, but will not be the executor of MJ’s estate, no one disputed the will. Now, it seems that Katherine’s camp isn’t too happy about the appointment of John McClain and John Branca as estate executors.

The custody battle between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe may not occur because a settlement is reportedly in the works before the court date on August, but another issue concerning Katherine has popped up. Apparently, even if the will stated that anyone who argued the will’s terms in court would face complete disinheritance, Katherine’s lawyers are somewhat challenging the will.

Katherine’s lawyers are now asking the court if her objection of the appointed executors is in violation of her son’s will. At this time, a decision has yet to be reached and the hearing to discuss the matter is set to take place August 3. You have to ask: why would someone challenge the will if she will receive 40% of the estate and possibly keep Michael’s 3 kids? Can this be something the Jackson family is asking Katherine to do? Or can this be the work of her lawyers?


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