Jon Officially Moves Out, but Spent an Awkward day with Kate and the Kids



Jon and Kate Gosselin may have spent Wednesday in the same household with their kids, but the two completely ignored each other. Good thing Jon has already bought his new “bachelor pad.”

Jon, Kate and the kids spent July 4th together, where the estranged couple survived looking atleast like good friends “for the kids.” But that was before Jon went on a trip to Paris and revealed to the world about his newfound love on the partygirl Hailey Glassman. When Jon went back to the US, the atmosphere completely changed and both Jon and Kate barely interacted with each other. They did, however, played with their kids, but taking turns. You can just imagine how their once-hit series “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” will go when it resumes filming on August 3.

After the family photo shoot gathering on their yard, Kate left with a packed luggage to give Jon his turn with the kids. The two agreed that the kids will be staying in their Pennsylvania home, while they take turns coming and going. So has Kate found a new place to stay while Jon’s at home caring for their brood? Apparently, Jon already has found his own two-bedroom pad on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.


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