Jessica Simpson is Sad, Mad & Confused about Tony Romy Breakup



Tony Romo reportedly broke up with Jessica Simpson a day before her ‘Ken-and-Barbie-themed’ 29th birthday party. Now, the singer is having a hard time dealing with being dumped “blindsidedly.”

According to a source close to Simpson that talked to People mag, “Jessica was really blindsided. She’s sad, mad, and confused. Her emotions are all over the place.”

The couple has been dating since November 2007, but apparently, the press and coverage has been putting a stress on their relationship. While the couple tried to focus on each other and ignore the rest, it eventually got the best of Tony Romo. Since he broke it off, Simpson has been laying low, but sources from Jessica Simpson’s camp say that the singer is OK and is with her family.

“She’s gone through heartache before. She wants someone who is on the same page that she is. If she has to move on for that, she will,” a source says.


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