Harry Potter’s Vincent Crabbe Admits Growing Marijuana; Faces up to 14 Yrs in Prison



The 19-year-old Jamie Waylett, who plays one of the bullies in the Harry Potter series named Vincent Crabbe, has just plead guilty to growing 10 cannabis plants in his mom’s Kilburn house.

Apparently,when Waylett and his 20-year-old friend John Innis took pictures of officers as they drove past. When police searched the car, they found 8 bags of cannabis and a knife. The cops also found 3 bags of cannabis on Innis. During the search on the car, police saw shots of the plants on Waylett’s camera, which led the cops to search his mom’s house, where they found 10 marijuana plants.

Waylett pleaded guilty to producing cannabis, which could lead up to a maximum 14-year sentence. His friend John Innis pleaded guilty to possession of a knife and drug possession. The two will be sentenced on July 21, Tuesday.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” the latest installment of the series, was just released on Wednesday. Waylett will be seen still playing the sidekick of villain Draco Malfoy.


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