Kris Allen Cancels Conan Appearance due to “Death in the Family”



Los Angeles, Calif.-“American Idol” Season 8 winner Kris Allen had to cancel his guest appearance on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian” due later this week.

“I know I was supposed to do conan on wed, but there was a death in my family,” says Kris on his Twitter account.

The singer, who hails from Conway, Arkansas, is currently on the road with his “Idol” batchmates, says that co-finalist Allison Iraheta will be filling in his slot on the said late night talk show.

“And by filling in I mean [Allison] is gonna rock Conan’s face off on Wednesday.”

Kris meanwhile gained heartfelt support from his “The American Idols Live Tour” friends.

“love ya man… Keep yo head up,” Allison responded via Twitter.

“I know kris appreciates all the concern-keep his family in your thoughts,” wrote Anoop Desai.


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