In Focus: Why do Girls Go Gaga over Robert Pattinson?



Robert Pattinson probably is one of the hottest male stars of today’s generation, and that can be greatly attributed to his role as “Edward Cullen” in the hit vampire flick, “Twilight.” But Pattie, as he is called dearly by fans, is more than just a cute blood sucker-he is handsome, sexy, and possesses a fashion of his own kind.

The Brit actor is currently busy finishing his upcoming romantic drama, “Remember Me,” which is set in New York City. The filming of the said movie met a few delays due to the fact that the scenes had to take place in Central Park and the streets of NYC, and fans swooned over Pattie right before he knew it.

But what makes Robert Pattinson a very hot item among girls? It’s the way he dresses himself: the serious look, disheveled hair, and most of all, the suit.

Pattie looks more handsome than ever in a coat and tie, even if his role asks him to mess up with his wardrobe. He looks sleek, smart, and more than any girl’s modern day prince-something the female species has been looking for at present.

So how does Robert Pattinson look in a coat and tie? Check out:


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