“Harry Potter” Star Daniel Radcliffe Widens Dating Prospects



London, England-Daniel Radcliffe, who is known to the world as “Harry Potter,” says he’s now available to dating girls near his age-and that he’s thrilled about the idea of having more romantic prospects.

The star of the young wizards’ franchise has been used to dating girls older than him, but now he thinks otherwise. “I think it’s the maturity think more than anything else, but that was when I was younger-girls my age are now mature, so it’s great.”

Daniel’s co-star, Jessie Cave, also dished a few things not really known about the “Harry Potter” star’s romantic side.

“Daniel loves poetry, it’s definitely a passion of his,” she says. “and I think he would suit that sort of poet lifestyle, he’s very dramatic and witty and very, very, clever.”

Jessie, who plays Lavender Brown in the movie, also added that Daniel’s passion for poetry can be a truly endearing quality when it comes to dating girls.


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