Farrah Fawcett’s Funeral Led by Ryan O’Neal



Los Angeles, Calif.-Actress Farrah Fawcett was finally laid to rest, after a three-year struggle with cancer.

A private funeral service was held for the late pop culture icon, in a Roman Catholic ceremony at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Farrah’s longtime partner, Ryan O’Neal, led the service and was one of the pallbearers.

Redmond O’Neal, Farrah’s son with Ryan, was granted to attend his mother’s funeral. He is currently being held in prison for possession of illegal drugs. He and his father gave a bible reading during the service.

In attendance were Farrah’s fellow former “Charlie’s Angels” star Kate Jackson, best friend Alana Stewart, and her cancer doctor, Dr. Lawrence Piro.

Outside the church, a few dozen fans stood and mourned as the actress was taken inside. Her casket was filled with bright yellow flowers which seemed to remind everybody of her smile and golden hair which graced Hollywood and the rest of the world some 30 years ago.

Farrah died Thursday morning at a Los Angeles hospital, with Ryan and Alana by her side. She was 62.


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