Michael Jackson Didn’t Die Due to Stress, Says Dad



Los Angeles, Calif.-Joe Jackson doesn’t believe that his son Michael died because of the stress brought about by the King of Pop’s upcoming comeback concert series.

In an interview to be aired on Sunday, Joe Jackson also says that Michael will be larger in death than he was in life. His only wish was that Michael was around to see all the love and affection fans from around the world brought out since his death on Thursday.

“Michael was the biggest superstar in the world and in history,” the Jackson patriarch said in the show “Gerardo at Large,” aired in Fox News Channel. “He was loved by everybody, whether poor or wealthy or whatever may be.”

The King of Pop was supposed to do a series of 50 comeback concerts in London this July.

Since his death, Hollywood celebs have gathered in Los Angeles to prepare for a spectacular celebration of the life and times of Michael Jackson to be held at the annual BET awards show.


  1. Eu não acredito muito que MJ tenha morrido.
    Prefiro acreditar que tudo é uma brincadeira.
    Eu o amo muito! abçs a todos.


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