Ciara, Kristinia DeBarge to Join Britney’s “Circus” Tour



Los Angeles, Calif.-Pop princess Britney Spears is headed back to North America to continue her “Circus” tour, this time with a new opening act.

Ciara and Kristinia DeBarge will be opening the pop star’s concert tour once “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” kicks off in Canada and the United States starting August 20.

Ciara has already opened for Britney during the tour’s London stop. This is meanwhile the first time for DeBarge, who happens to be the daughter of ’80s pop star James DeBarge.

“Joining Britney Spears for her ‘Circus’ tour will be an amazing and surreal experience for me. I have been dreaming of an opportunity like this forever, and can’t wait,” says the 19-year old singer.


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