Jon & Kate Decide to Split, TLC Puts Show on Hold



The much awaited announcement finally took place at the tabloids’ most celebrated reality show: Jon and Kate Gosselin have decided to split, with legal proceedings to break the marriage taking place on the same day.

“Kate and I have decided to separate,” Jon said in front of the cameras. “It’s just not good for us to be arguing in front of our kids… We can’t be cordial with one another.”

Kate says she’s “not fond of the idea” of the breakup, but she knows it is “necessary.” She also decided to stay at their $1.1 million home in Reading, Pa., while “Jon will also come here when it is his days, and we will flip-flop that way.”

“My goal is peace.” A teary eyed Kate continued. “If peace needs to be brought about by this, then I’m in agreement.”

“This split is a shame,” John describes their breakup. “I will always love her as the mother of my kids.”

The estranged couple have different views as to the future of their reality show, Jon a bit excited about the “new chapter” in his life, while Kate was trying to remain positive and believes that in some way, they can still work things out.

The producers of the show, TLC, however, decided to put “Jon & Kate Plus 8” on hiatus until August 3. Despite being the highest rating show for the network, TLC will be airing a clip package of the Gosselins for next Monday’s episode, but an all-new episode will not air until 3. This is reportedly due to the lack of enough footage clips taken from the family due to John and Kate’s marital issues.


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