‘American Idol’ Finalist Adam Lambert a “Hot Bachelor”



Los Angeles, Calif. – “American Idol” finalist Adam Lambert has recently confirmed that he is single and gay-and now he lands a spot on People’s Hottest Bachelor’s list.

“Am I really?” he seemed to be in great surprise upon learning the news. “I’m not hot!”

But the buzz soon sank in, and Adam eventually found his words back.

“That’s pretty cool. That’s really cool,” he said. “I think that attractiveness is a universal thing. It shouldn’t matter who your preference is. I mean, it’s like, you think something is good-looking, you think it’s good-looking. What’s the difference?”

“Is being open with your sexuality changing people’s minds?” Access Hollywood reporter Nancy O’Dell asked him.

“My goal is to just sing,” he replied with a laugh. “I’m just putting on a show, you know, and if that’s how people feel about it then that’s really cool.”


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