“Twilight” Director is Proud of “New Moon” Cast



Los Angeles, Calif.-She may not be the one in charge of shooting “New Moon,” but “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke says she’s just that proud of her former cast.

“I’m so proud of the whole cast,” she says at the Women in Film 2009 Crystal and Lucy Awards. “They’re all getting to do amazing movies. It’s great.”

Hardwicke was , in particular, proud of Taylor Lautner, who has transformed into a hunk for his role in the vampire sequel.

“I think he looks amazing,” she remarks. “He’s totally worked hard for it so he looked great.”

“Twilight” garnered most of the major awards at the MTV Movie Awards held last May 31, outdoing other equally talked-about films such as “The Dark Knight.”

Hardwicke is also the first female director to hit Hollywood box office through a feature film, and with this she hopes to inspire more women to engage themselves and become active in this field of cinema.

“Only seven percent of the movies are directed by women, which is kind of crazy,” Hardwicke says. “Women go to the movies and they love the films and they’re amazing actors so, you know, we need to change that.”



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