Playboy Stint Still Available to Carrie, Says Hugh Hefner



Los Angeles, Calif.-While in the midst of losing her crown as Miss California, Carrie Prejean turned down an offer she shouldn’t have refused-to appear in Playboy.

But the offer is still available, says Playboy boss Hugh Hefner. He still wants Carrie to pose sans her clothes for the magazine.

“It’s definitely a possibility,” says Hefner when asked if he’d want to have Carrie on the pages of the sensational magazine.

Hefner also dismissed the news of the beauty queen’s loss of title which Carrie blamed on her ideas about gay marriages at the Miss USA pageant.

“We know that isn’t true,” Hefner said. “It was a little bit taken out of context, because if you read what she really said, it was not as big as it sounded… something else happened. I think she hasn’t been showing up for some of her duties, I think.”

But Hefner expects something from Carrie if ever she accepts the offer to pose for Playboy.

“She’d definitely do more than show up,” he said with a smile.


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