Eminem Knew About MTV “Bruno” Stunt



So it’s confirmed. The Eminem/Bruno incident which took place at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards last May 31 was just a “stunt”.

The homophobic rapper admitted to website RapRadar.com that the controversial stunt was all practiced, including his face of disgust upon seeing Sacha Baron Cohen’s bare butt.

“I’m thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it,” says Eminem.

Eminem then revealed that he went to his hotel after walking out of the show, where he laughed for three hours, including the time while he was watching the playback.

He says he is a big fan of Baron Cohen, who was the one to talk to him about the planned gag while he was in Europe.

During Sunday’s live award’s night, the comedian, who dressed as the flamboyantly gay fashionista named “Bruno,” descended from the ceiling and landed on Eminem, with his butt right in front of the rapper’s face.


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