Jay Leno Bids Goodbye to “The Tonight Show”



Los Angeles, Calif.- It was rather a night filled with laughs as Jay Leno closed his 17-year old stint of hosting “The Tonight Show.”

“I’ll be going to a secluded spot where no one can find me-NBC primetime,” the comedian jokingly said of his future work.

Well, Jay is off to opening a new show on NBC this September, which will be aired at 10 PM.

“I want to thank all the people who [made] it possible,” he opened his final episode of the show. “Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton.”

Jay was remarkable in his farewell monologue, which consisted of jokes reminiscent of his 17 years on the show. It was then followed by scenes taken from the best of “Jaywalking,” and after which Jay welcomed his final guest, Conan O’Brien.

Conan will be taking over “The Tonight Show” beginning Monday, June 1.

The show also aired Conan’s first TV appearance, which also took place on “The Tonight Show” not long he began hosting “Late Night” back in 1993. Conan first worked as a TV writer before sitting in front of the cameras, and after 16 years, he’s off to taking over Jay’s shoes.

Jay and Conan also took some air time to recognize Christian Bobak of Toronto, Canada, who came all the way from his hometown to watch the show live, 17 years after attending Jay’s very first episode as “Tonight Show” host. Conan also gave the dedicated fan tickets to Monday’s show.

James Taylor also appeared on the show and played his 1970 hit “Sweet Baby James,” a song Jay asked him to sing.

Finally, Jay thanked all the people who supported his 17 years as host in “The Tonight Show,” beginning with the viewers, writers, producers, NBC, Jeff Zucker, Kevin and the band, as well as John Melendez and his wife Mavis. Jay then closed the show by revealing all the children born to his staff for the past 17 years-which gained a total of 68 kids.


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