Susan Boyle Will Fight Her Way to the Finals; Gets Support from Demi Moore



London, England- Susan Boyle swore she will continue to fight for the title of “Britain’s Got Talent” despite allegations against her lashing out verbally on journalists and police officers.

“I want nothing more than to stay and sing in the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final,” she says in an issued statement. “I’ve spent weeks rehearsing-it’s all I’ve been thinking about. I’m not going to throw away my big chance now.”

The Scottish singing sensation was under fire the past few days after UK tabloids swooned over her alleged swearing in the presence of hotel guests and journalists who tried to ask her outside the establishment she was staying in.

“Britain’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan came to Boyle’s defense, asking the public to “give her a break.”

Demi Moore also gave out her support, in which she wrote on her Twitter account:

“Just catching up on the Susan Boyle info night. Don’t red gossip/trash stuff. I wonder why no 1 reported what was said 2 provoke such reaction?”

“2 the lovely Susan Boyle-Trust that the whole world is rooting 4U whatever the outcome! U have nothing 2 lose just keep sharing your light!”


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