Susan Boyle Wows the Crowd Again; Enters the Finals, but Declines a Makeover



London, England- Singing sensation Susan Boyle did make her mark once again when she sang in front of the audience at “Britain’s Got Talent” on Sunday. However, she declined to compromise her frumpy look-the same look that actually made her into an overnight internet star.

The still timid 47-year old gave another groundbreaking performance in the reality talent competition, giving her fans her own rendition of “Memory,” from the musical “Cats.”

Boyle was picked via telephone poll to be one of the best among the eight performers who appeared on Sunday’s show, which just means she will be back in the contest’s finale this coming Saturday.

“Fantastic, absolutely fantastic,” she said with a flashing smile. “What pressure? I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight!”

Boyle wore a plum colored dress embellished with beads, as well as more color on her face. But her signature frumpy hair is still present. She even said hat the would not change her appearance, stating, “I just wanted people to see me for who I am, and do my best at singing the song, that’s what I’m focusing on.”

According to the show’s producers, around 60 million people watched her performance via YouTube.

Boyle first wowed the audiences with her surprising performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables.” She has won the hearts of even today’s most influential people, such as Oprah Winfrey and Demi Moore.

Boyle will be competing along with the other finalists this Saturday at Britain’s annual Royal Variety Show, which will be attended by the royal family. The winner will receive a cash prize of £100,000 ($159,000).


  1. This is some pretty interesting gossip (i guess), but i say “good for her”. Afterall, we arnt listening to her because we like her new makeover, we are listening to her because she has TALENT. Its frusterating, cause people dont have any freedom to just be themselves anymore! She wants an album not a new pair of clothes! I think it should be shunned upon to even suggest Susan change her appearance, she is fine just the way she is!


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