John Mayer Joins Taylor Swift on Tour



Los Angeles, Calif.- Taylor Swift is definitely having the time of her life on her first major tour, and she owes it to John Mayer.

The handsome male singer joined Swift on her gig at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, singing “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” and sharing the strums on her own “White Horse.”

Fans of both Swift and Mayer posted video clips of their performance on the media site, YouTube.

“Is it all right if he stays up here for another song?” Swift asked her audience after sharing “Your Body Is a Wonderland.” Then they played to the tune of “White Horse.” Mayer also added some scorching blues on the track, which earned them more praise from the madding crowd.

“I can’t believe the Lakers get to play in the same arena that Taylor Swift performed in!” a truly impressed Mayer said on Twitter.

Taylor Swift then headed on to her Vegas stop, which is of course, another sold-out gig.


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