Miss California Carrie Prejean Cancels Larry King Appearance; Scheduled on FOX



What’s the latest with Miss California Carrie Prejean? She just canceled her appearance on CNN’s Larry King-at the last minute.

“My producer called and said she cancelled, but they didn’t give a reason,” the talk show host said Thursday after Prejean didn’t show up in his program “Larry King Live.”

King also isn’t sure whether the Prejean, who has been causing a raucous lately, would be invited once again on his show.

“I have no idea, that’s up to the producers,” he said. “They usually don’t if someone cancels on short notice because you don’t do that.”

Keith Lewis, co-director of Miss California USA meanwhile had an excuse for Prejean’s sudden no show: “She’s a little tired. It was her birthday yesterday… she’s flying back from the east coast.”

The controversial beauty queen may have turned CNN down, but she is still heading on to FOX’s “Fox & Friends” that’s due later this month.


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