Doug Reinhardt to LAPD: There’s No Fighting-It’s Just a Prank Call



Los Angeles, Calif.- The LAPD paid Paris Hilton’s neighborhood a visit twice this week due to a neighbor complaint, but the heiress’ boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, told them the noise wasn’t because of a big fight.

“Last night, my girlfriend, Paris, got a prank phone call from someone pretending that her dog Tinkerbell was let out of her house and it was [run] over,” Doug said in an interview with Billy Bush on Friday. “She started screaming and crying about it, thinking it was true.”

The nosy neighbors apparently got the wrong idea thinking it was a fight, thus they called the cops, says Doug. The police eventually came at his Hollywood Hills home.

“About a half hour later, I’m laying in bed with my underwear on and the cops… walked right into my house,” Doug continues. “It’s a quiet neighborhood. I’m like, ‘Hey guys, how’s it going?'”

It wasn’t the first time this week that the cops visited the Paris’ home. On Wednesday, the LAPD checked into their residence after visitors from the heiress’ house party vandalized some vehicles parked in the neighborhood.

Paris meanwhile denied that she threw a party that night, and that’s she’s been at her boyfriend’s house where her friends were playing poker.


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