New Moon Updates: New Moon Girls Go Strolling, Kristen and Robert in a Cozy Cab Ride, and New Moon Cast Party at Blue Water Café in Vancouver



It seems that the Vancouver set is off to take some rest as the scenes at the woods and Bella Swan’s residence are already finished-but the doesn’t mean the New Moon cast and crew can already take a breather; Italy’s waiting for their arrival.

But while the European fans are waiting for the Cullens and the Volturi clan to set foot on the Italian soil, let’s check out what’s happening to the “New Moon” stars:

First off, Dakota Fanning and Rachelle McLeFevre create a girl bonding while hanging out in Vancouver. Rachelle’s little sister joined them too, and after a midday stroll, they all ended up at the New Moon Cast Party at Blue Water Café.

Everybody’s present in the huge dinner prepared for them by the Blue Water Café. The cast, crew and yes, every one involved in the Vancouver shoots were invited. Stephenie Meyer even indulged in signing autographs at the shindig!

Robet Pattinson and Kristen Stewart meanwhile shared a cozy limo ride at 3 am after the cast party, and the two seemed to be way to comfty with each other. They know fans would be buzzing about their “togetherness”, but this didn’t even seem to get in the way of their bonding moment! Looking for proof? Here are the pics!


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