Director David Slade Regrets Nasty Comments Against “Twilight”



David Slade, the chosen director for the third leg of he Twilight Saga, “Eclipse,” says sorry to all the vampire flick’s fans for having said some nasty comments over the weekend.

Slade, whose disparaging comments about “Twilight” caused huge controversy and uproar amongst the film’s fanatics, sent an email to Twilight Lexicon, one of the franchise’s biggest fan sites, stating a rather sincere apology.

“When I made these comments, I had neither seen the film nor read the books. I was promoting a comedy short film that I had made for Xbox and every pop culture subject was seen as a possible comedy target. I was being silly and none of the statements were from the heart,” the director explained.

“Of course, I have since seen the movie and read the books and was quickly consumed with the rich storytelling and the beautifully honest characters that Stephenie Meyer created,” he continued.

Slade was featured in an audio clip from the BDK movie show in Washington D.C., where he said: “‘Twilight’ drunk? No, not even drunk. ‘Twilight’ on acid? No, not even on acid?’ ‘Twilight’ at gunpoint? Just shoot me.”

There are also some reports that the director wrote a negative comment about the vampire saga on his Twitter account, but it has since been deleted.

The ‘Twilight’ cast, who are busy filming the sequel ‘New Moon’, have not released their comments yet regarding the issue, aside from actor Kellan Lutz, who we all know as Emmett Cullen.

“I really don’t get in that dirt, if he didn’t se it and if he didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean he’s not talented,” Lutz said in an interview on Monday. “I still think he’ll bring a great vision to ‘Eclipse'”.



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