New Moon Updates: Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner Wear the Same Shirt; Tinsel Korey Banned from the Internet; and Robert Pattinson Kisses a Guy!



A lot has happened at the New Moon set over the weekend, while the everbody’s busy filming at the Vancouver theater set, the cast members also make a buzz with their individual works.

First off, let’s check out Tinsel Korey. The New Moon star is preparing herself for the upcoming film Mothers and Daughters, and do you know how her manager preps her up for this new role? Korey is banned from the internet.

“My agent is like, ‘You’re banned from the internet,'” Korey says. “‘You’re not allowed to Google yourself because people can be really mean.'”

Well, if getting banned from the internet can help Korey become a better actress, then why not? Perhaps her manager’s just being protective, for yes, some nasty comments can prick any star, not just Korey’s heart.

Wardrobe Sharing

Now there’s been a Hollywood trend going on these days, and it was started by Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus-wardrobe sharing. But if you think this only happens in the Hannah Montana circle, then guess what-it also happens with the New Moon cast! Stars Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner were caught wearing the same kind of shirt!

In two different instances, Gomez and Lautner were seen wearing almost the same blue V-neck shirt. Could this be just mere coincidence, or did they actually do it on purpose? It’s up for us to find out.

Robert Pattinson Kisses a Guy

Yes, it’s true. Twilight star Robert Pattinson (our Edward Cullen) kissed a guy, who goes by the name Javier Beltram.

But it’s just for a movie, of course.

Pattinson stars in a new film called Little Ashes, which serves a biopic of surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Pattie plays the young Dali who, while living in Barcelona, met and fell in love with fellow painter Federico Garcia Lorca (played by Javier). The love and passion between the two lovers thus explains the man-to-man kiss.

“All of it was very uncomfortable, not only because the first scene Javier and I shot happened only one day we met, but also because we had no privacy while shooting them,” Pattie says in an interview with Spanish mag El Pasi. “We were surrounded by technicians who were speaking in Spanish, a language I didn’t understand, and they were giggling at us.”

But who’s the better kisser? Javier or Kristen Stewart?

“Definitely, Javier,” Pattie laughs.

Pictures? Here’s today’s dose of the New Moon stars:


  1. OME! that is so weird how Selena and Taylor were wearing the same shirt. It makes you wonder…

  2. wearin the same shirt….ppl r soo weird about these things lately. i swear the things ppl will say…. they could have done it to prove their dating or coincidence or their such good friends they’ll where the same shirt… idk….

  3. look closely. they arent the same shirt. selena’s has lighter and darker spots on it. taylor’s is just plain blue


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