Tyra Banks attends Court to Testify against her Stalker



Yesterday, Tyra Banks testified in court in New York City at the trial of a man accused of stalker her. The 38-year-old Brady Green was arrested last year after trying to enter the Manhattan building where “The Tyra Banks Show” tapes… twice. Once, Green sent Banks flowers with the note, “When I see you, I love you,” and threatening to slit the throat of her assistant.

Banks testified, saying, “I fear my safety. I feel extremely vulnerable. I fear the safety of my staff. My family. The people in my vicinity. [My staff doesn’t] tell me about fans. They said this person threatened one of my staffers. At that moment that was it. The first thing is there’s this person who’s more than a fan.”

Banks said that scared staffers warned her to stay in her dressing room, recalling the incidents, saying, “I was about to leave, and a bunch of people from my staff were like, ‘Stop, no, you can’t leave!’ I know I have fans, but I’ve never in my entire career had my staff react this way.” During her testimonial, Banks said she has hired additional security in the wake of the incident, and that she still fears for her safety.

Although Green’s attorney portrayed his client as an innocuous fan, he was found guilty of criminal trespass, harassment and stalking.


  1. hi tyra you are indeed a beautiful woman but and still you shouldnt have to be afraid i continue to pray for you though much love he needs to just leave you along god bless


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