Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Stripping Anytime Soon



Back in 2007, Lindsay Lohan starred as a stripper for her flop thriller flick “I Know Who Killed Me.” And although she accepted the job, it doesn’t mean the actress wants to dance the pole in real life, regardless of how desperate she might seem to bag a job and despite rumors that she’s trying to get a job at the Peep Show in Las Vegas.

Lohan’s rep Leslie Sloane said, “She isn’t interested at this time but it seems people are out there saying she is doing this.” Apparently, the rumor started when Lindsay Lohan attended the Peep Show over the weekend and was seen with Scary Spice Mel B and Kelly Monaca, who has appeared in the Las Vegas revue.

Everyone knows that Lindsay desperately wants to come back to her game, but with her last film “Labor Pains” that went straight to cable and a FunnyOrDie video that may help her win back some fans here and there, Lohan must have the common sense that doing Peep Show in this time of her career won’t help much either.


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