Paparazzi Interrupt Suri Cruise’s Third Birthday



Beverly Hills, CA.-Suri Cruise’s birthday bash on Saturday was almost like any other kiddie party-until it was interrupted by a chopper with paparazzi on it.

People from the Cruise family immediately called the Beverly Hills Police Department, who in turn asked the LAPD to bring in a helicopter of their own. According to the celebrity couple’s spokesperson, the LAPD assured them that they would talk to the FAA-which is responsible for airspace issues such as this.

The LAPD is still not available for interview.

Tom, Katie and a small group of family and friends were celebrating Suri’s third birthday party at the Cruises’ Beverly Hills residence. Prior to this, the birthday girl was already given a princess-themed birthday bash on Thursday, April 16.  

More pics of Suri Cruise:


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