On the Set of New Moon: Ashley Greene talks about Costar Jackson Rathbone



Ashley Greene, one of the faces Twilight fans will be seeing on New Moon, is one budding actress whose fame is about to flourish.

She, known to fans as Edward Cullen’s sister, Alice, had an interview with the Australian Herald Sun, not only discussed about how she feels in being part of the film saga-but as well as answered ongoing rumors with her and costar Jackson Rathbone.

“We do have an amazing chemistry,” Greene confirms. “However, we both don’t have the time to date.”

The star also confirmed that she and Rathbone both have big crushes for each other and that they get along very well. He even taught her how to dance, she recalls during the day they first met.

“He (Rathbone) does everything.” Greene smiles. “She sings, dances, and he’s so sweet. Even my mom has a crush and him!”



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