Mel Gibson’s Love Interest: A Russian Beauty



After living apart for nearly three years, Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn filed for divorce last week. Because of this, numerous rumors have spread about Gibson being involved with a Russian beauty-whose first name is Oksana.

Different sources claim different Oksanas to be involved with the star:

According to People, Gibson’s Russian love may be Oksana Grigorieva, who was once involved and has a child with actor Timothy Dalton. Grigorieva was said to be residing in a home owned by Gibson’s production company, Icon.

Gibson was once photographed in a Costa Rica beach with a woman who resembled the features of Grigorieva.

Another report claims that Gibson is involved with a different Oksana, this time Russian pop singer Oksana Pochepa. Pochepa told UK tabloid The Sun that she and the actor have been dating, and that they are getting serious with each other.

The third suspect is Oksana Kolesnikova, a musician who performs regularly at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge. Kolesnikova however denies such report.

Latin American Herald Tribune meanwhile contributes to the last Oksana believed to be involved with Gibson: Oksana Lovoushka, a blond singer who is working at the Icon. She filmed a few music videos with the actor back in January.


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