Woman Arrested for Snooping Around Britney Spears’ Home



Los Angeles, Calif.- a woman was arrested outside singer Britney Spears’ home for snooping around.

Miranda Tozier-Robbins, 26, was caught by security guards peeking through the windows of the pop icon’s Calabasas residence. She was wearing a camouflage outfit and was carrying a camera when caught red-handed.

Tozier-Robbins claims that she was an “American Idol” hopeful and was currently filming her paparazzi documentary. She also states that she picked Spears because the singer was one personality people are highly interested in, including herself.

The suspect, who is a native of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, responded to electronically-fed questions which came from the Associated Press, and as well verified her identity through a telephone message. She told the press that she was not really expecting Spears to be home, but she did plan to take pictures of the singer if she were there.


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