Kanye West Laughs Off ‘South Park’ Spoof



Kanye West shockingly laughs off an episode of the animated series ‘South Park’, which literally murdered the rapper’s character in the episode. West wrote on his blog that the negative portrayal of himself in the series was “pretty funny”. he also said that he was “working on his ego.”

West, who was shown as out-of-touch and self-centred in Wednesday night’s edition, thanked the show’s writers and artists for their input. The funny thing about his revelation was West had a past of obnoxious behavior, particularly in the 2007 MTV Awards, wherein he failed to win any awards and vowed never to return. The following year, he returned to MTV and told that he was “the voice of a generation.”

On his blog, West said, “I just wanna be a doper person without telling people how dope [awesome] I think I am.” He also acknowledged that the South Park writers were probably “nice people in real life”, and said it was an honor to be captured by the show’s animators, regardless of how negative the portrayal may have been.

Do you buy Kanye West’s reaction towards the South Park episode or is the rapper really trying to be nice?


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