Hannah Montana’s Fate is Not On Miley’s Hands



Miley Cyrus revealed that she doesn’t really have the “last say” when it comes to Hannah Montana’s future. The Disney star said, “Everyone kind of puts it on my shoulders, but at the end … it’s up to Disney.”

Since Hannah Montana: The Movie hit theaters today, many fans were wondering if the series will continue for its fourth season or is the movie a finale for the Hannah Montana series. Despite rumors that Miley is hoping to get out of her Disney contract, Cyrus has mixed feelings over the issue because she wants to stick with “Hannah” and also wants to move on to new, edgier projects.

Miley told MTV, “I would love for Hannah Montana to keep [going and] hopefully do another season. But it’s not really up to me. Everyone kind of puts it on my shoulders, but at the end … it’s up to Disney and what they want to do with the show.” However, whichever way her career may go, Miley is sure about one thing – she’ll be filming the movie “The Last Song” this summer alongside Nicholas Sparks and said, “It’s more of an edgy role.”


  1. I don’t beleive that she wants to get out of her contract she is making new shows right now but I DO think she wants to move on and do a little more with her life than JUST a kids tv show shes 16-17 yrs old she needs a life.
    Destiny Hope Jones


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