Miley Cyrus Graces the Cover of Glamour, She’s a Woman Now and Talks Boobs



Miley Cyrus is one controversial 16-year-old, who has graced the covers of numerous tabloids in the last two years. Fortunately, Cyrus isn’t affected in many of the rumors, but she admits that she’s so “not into people judging her” on her interview with Glamour magazine.

Cyrus is on the cover of Glamour magazine’s May issue, which will be on stands on April 7. And although she’s growing up fast in the public eye, Miley still sounds like a teenager talking about her “life’s trials and tribulations”.

The Hannah Montana star admitted, “One thing that bugs me is people who say, ‘Miley really needs to lose some weight,’ or, ‘She got her boobs done.'” She explained, “I did start out really skinny, but you’re not going to have boobs when you’re 12 years old. I’m like, ‘What are you talking about—let me grow!'”

Miley Cyrus also talks about her 20-year-old boyfriend, saying “The best thing that’s happened to me in a long, long time has been meeting Justin [Gaston]. He’s the most respectful and selfless person I’ve ever known.”

Check out the Glamour issue on April 7th for more Miley Cyrus revelations. In the meantime, here are some of Cyrus’ photos from Glamour…


  1. I have boobs and I’m 12, but I get the whole rumor thing. And if people say Miley is fat… they need to get glasses!

  2. Appears Billy Ray Cyrus was more of the driving force behind the invitation for families of US troops to take part in the filming of Hanna Montana, starring Miley. Giving the kids a chance to tape greetings to their deployed dad and mom was a pleasant gesture.

  3. i think that although you have a contaversal issue with the way people see you, you have to remember everyone has someone that is not going to like them at all times. for example, although im sure you have a good sense of right and wrong, some of the things that you do are a little risque for some peoples tastes. you have to remember, that although you are a thriving teenager, you apeal to a younger audiance. and so the things that you do have a huge affect on what CHILDREN are doing. so if you want people to stop saying cruel things, than you need to really think about the things that you are doing before you do them. because as a 16 yr old girl, i understand were you are soming from. its your life, you can do what you want. but just think about the audiance you have though every thing that you do.


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