Britney Spears Pays Millions to Get Her Life Back on Track


Britney Spears

Britney Spears is very familiar with the legal system. In fact, in the last year alone, Britney has appeared on multiple hearings, court updates and other appearances in court for various reasons. When her father’s co-conservatorship started in Feb 2008, Britney’s music and personal life has improved greatly, but it comes with a hefty price – millions of dollars.

In fact, documents from court were released the other day, which stated that Britney paid over $2.7 million for various lawyers’ feeds, split between 17 different attorneys. A big part of this amount ($490,000+) was spent on her co-conservator Andrew Wallet and ($160,000+) for her dad Jamie Spears. The other millions were spent on lawyers who dealt with Britney’s legal issues about vehicle misdemeanor charge, family law, Florida litigation and First Amendment issues.

Although Britney Spears has paid millions in the last 14 months, one thing is definitely an advantage – the court notes that her mental and physical health is continuously getting better and thus, allowed her more visitation time with her two kids.


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