Were You One of the 3 Million People Who Bought the Twilight DVD Yesterday?


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Twilight, the book, the film and all its cast has proven its contribution to pop culture after the 2-disc special edition first day release made history. Everyone knew the Twilight mania was huge, but with the release of the DVDs, there’s now an estimate number of fans out there – and it’s more than 3 million “Twilighters.”

Summit Entertainment announced that over 3 million DVDs were sold on the first day of the release of the Twilight DVD. Of course, only die-hard Twilighters would line up to a line of hundreds of people.

As of today, the second day of the DVD’s release, Twilight DVD sales is one of the top-five first day DVD releases in 2007-2009, alongside ”Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End,” “The Dark Knight,” Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix,” and “Transformers”.

Steve Nickerson, Summit’s President of Home Entertainment thanked the fans, saying “We are incredibly appreciative that “Twilight” fans came out to once again support this film at our midnight events across the nation. With such a successful first day sales, it is apparent that our fans remain passionate about the Twilight saga and want to own a piece of the Edward and Bella story.”

The DVD launch was held in various retail outlets nationwide and was held at midnight of March 21. Four twilight cast members and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke surprised fans on selected stores. Here’s an estimate of attendees given by Summit:

  • Salt Lake City – 2,500 fans came to buy the DVD and was surprised by Rachelle Lefevre
  • Los Angeles – Ashley Greene suprised around 2,000 people
  • Dallas – Catherine Hardwicke, although is no longer part of the sequel ‘New Moon’ came to support the DVD release and made the day of 1,000 fans
  • New York – 700 fans came and got a glimpse of Edi Gathegi
  • Chicago – 500 people lined up to buy a copy of Twilight and was greeted by Nikki Reed

During its theatrical release in November 21, “Twilight” grossed $69.6 million domestically in its first weekend. To date, it has grossed nearly $380 million worldwide.

So, were you one of the 3+ million people who supported the DVD release of Twilight?


  1. Yes, I was one of the millions that purchased the DVD. I bought the single dvd, the 2-disc and 3-disc to add to my collection. Now I have to find the special one from Borders.

    -Crazy Twilighter


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