3 of Britney’s Staff Fired for Alleged Drug Use


**EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE** Singer Britney Spears performs onstage du

Britney Spears has fired three staff from her Circus tour. Actually, daddy Jamie Spears fired the crew for suspected drug use.

On Britney’s past tours, the star partied with her dancers and even married one – Kevin back in 2004. After her darkest breakdown in February 2007, Britney finally allowed was forced to allow other people to handle her life.

Brit-brit’s manager, dad and handlers have been keeping the pop star drug-free and in good shape, so they’re being really strict about their “no-drugs on the tour” rule.

An insider said: “Because of Britney’s past personal problems she now requires more insurance for her Circus tour than before. It’s a very rigorous process protecting all of those assets. Backstage her dad is beyond strict and rightfully so. He only wants the best for Britney. He’s protecting Britney’s comeback with every ounce of his being.”

The next date on Britney Spears‘ London-bound tour is in New York on Wednesday.


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