Jennifer Aniston’s $50,000 Hair Budget



Jennifer Aniston has always been a trend-setter when it comes to hair. Remember her role as ‘Rachael’ on Friends? Hair salons know what kind of hair style to do when a customer asks for “Rachael’s hair.” However, this time, Jen’s hair has graced the headlines because of the expenses she shoulders just to keep that honey-colored locks looking beautiful – a whopping $50,000 for a few days.

Apparently, when Jennifer Aniston was promoting her film “Marley & Me” in Paris and London, she spent a whopping $50,000 just to keep her hair looking good.  According to the Daily Mail, she had to flew in her trusted hairdresser Chris McMillan to Europe for a week while she does the international movie premieres.

The $50,000 budget includes first-class tickets from L.A. to back and forth Paris and London, hotel stays to whichever hotel Jennifer stayed in and the styling fees for $2,000 per session. From the looks of it, Jen isn’t affected with any kind of recession.

It makes you wonder: when Jennifer Aniston told Oprah she found a “long” gray hair just before she turned 40, did she made the story up? For a $2,000 hair style, I’d expect all my gray hairs gone.



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