16-Year-Old Miley Cyrus Releases an Autobiography?



Autobiographies are often written by people who could share something worthwhile, has done plenty of mistakes throughout his/her lifetime and learned from them, has invented something useful or other “readable” ..but the 16-year-old Miley Cyrus has written and released her own.

“Miles to Go”, Miley’s tell-all book for her first 16 years talks about her first love (the young JoBro), but who she only refers to as “Prince Charming.” She also writes about suffering through “daily hazing” from bullies during her 6th grade and talks about who she had to endure being locked in the school bathroom.

Miley Cyrus tells People mag, “Looking back, sometimes I wish I could get an apology [from the mean girls], but to be honest I don’t need one, I moved on and I believe they moved on as well. Everyone goes through hardships and heartbreaks.”

Hardships, heartbreaks, hazing and mean people … sounds a lot like any teenage story. Would you buy the book?


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