The Jonas Brothers Prepping Up for 4th Album



While the Jonas Brothers’ 3-D movie was expected to debut at #1, it only came second and was seen as a disappointment by some. However, the young Disney stars are staying focused on their music and future – they’re planning for a full-length album accompanied by a tour this summer.

According to their manager Johnny Wright,”It’s a whole new vibe that the Jonas Brothers are about to bring to the fans. The guys have gotten older. They’ve had many experiences along the line from the last album, including love experiences. [The album] is about what’s happening with them on the road and what’s happening in life.”

Currently, the JoBros are recording the fourth studio album, which remains untitled. The pop-rockers’ camp is hoping for a June or July release, followed by a tour the same month it is released. Adds Wright: “There are new fans coming to this band every day that have never been exposed to seeing them live. So for us, what we’re about to do is really exciting.”


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