Britney Spears’ Circus Tour Starts Off Successfully



Britney Spears has wowed fans during her first concert for the Circus Tour in New Orleans Tuesday night. Reviews have been mostly positive, which was kicked off by Perez Hilton, posting on his gossip site, “She did not appear heavily sedated or lethargic at all. She was on point!”

However, somewhat doubts Britney’s comeback, saying “Don’t call it a comeback quite yet. Britney Spears still isn’t all the way there.”

The L.A. Times have said, “Britney Spears, the mighty Aphrodite with the troublesome tawdry streak, nonetheless renewed her claim as one of the world’s most adept manipulators of the public interest.”

The mixed reviews was mainly because Britney Spears appeared to be lip-synching all throughout the show. However, since the concert was really presented as a circus, with clowns, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, rings of fires and martial arts, coupled with a dozen of outrageous costumes and dance moves, the 90-minute show has made it one of Britney’s performances to remember.



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