Beyonce is a Messy Slob, so she says



On the red carpet, Beyonce Knowles looks like a goddess. But at home, the R&B singer says she’s hardly ‘put together’ at home. Beyonce graces the cover of Ebony magazine March issue and reveals, “I’m a little messy! Oh, yeah.”

Apparently, Beyonce Knowles is just like everyone else who wants to look good when going out. However, unlike normal people, celebrities like her have to prep up double-the-effort for the photogs, so and when she’s out of the spotlight, she feels the need to kick back.

At home, “I don’t have any shoes on. No makeup. My shoes are left at the door. My purse is in the kitchen,” she says. “I’m relaxed!”

Beyonce admits that her messy habits may bug her husband Jay-Z, saying,”I think that is the most difficult thing for him. “He’s very, very organized.”


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